The Meorot Visitors’ Center - Virtual Tour

נגן וידאו

The Meorot Visitors’ Center is a facility that was established for families and children to become familiar with the biblical stories in a universal way.

The project, which is located in Ashdod has historical Hebrew symbolism throughout several activity stations that contain permanent projection installations and video mapping.

This is a unique exhibition that represents a spectacular combination of projection techniques, sound and light show and 3D elements. Programming of intricate systems for movement, touch and accessories mapping and detection- all of which are part of progressing the story told throughout the experience.

Whether it’s a show stopping story of the Giving of the Torah and Mount Sinai, the Shabbat Table with all its savory dishes, Sending personal wishes through a scanner to project and activate a Wailing Wall mockup, portraying content of values and tradition on moving projection plates.