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LED Screens – Multimedia interactive kiosks


נגן וידאו


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Ticker Screen

This screen was developed by Pro – Touch’s R&D dept. – an internationally registered patent. The ticker screen is an LED screen that constitutes an integral part of the glass. In the refrigeration unit of Coca – Cola we have made it part of the glass door. The operating system is and all units that make the screen work are integrated into the door’s rails and hinge. Thus, we have created a screen that can be embedded into any glass, storefront displays, office windows, public transport vehicles and much more. The intensity of the color separation and the level of information broadcast is extremely powerful.
This renders it highly visible and effective for a considerable range – in other words, an extremely efficient advertising tools.

Virtual Window

ProTouch has developed a virtual window providing a solution for claustrophobic and light – deficient rooms where the windows constantly need to be covered by curtains, such as bank branches, or spaces with no windows at all. The screen creates a feeling of light in the space – by projecting live outdoor imagery of natural light in that rooms’ surroundings. This concept is particularly wonderful when incorporated into the ceiling. Light and winter clouds can thereby enter the indoors and transform the feel of basement feel into the ambience of an open space lying beneath the starry night sky.

Shaped LED Screens

Pro – touch has developed a technology that enables the creation of custom – shaped LED screens – In any shape the client may require, individually produced for the client. Content can also be modified to the desired shape via the Pixel Mapping method.

Transparent LCD Screen

As the name suggests, our goal with the transparent screen is to broadcast advertisement contents, optionally controlling transparency levels to reveal the object or space behind the screen. Its thickness is no more than 3 mm so it can be installed into many diverse products. This screen can also become an interactive touch screen; Pro – Touch has also developed interactive games and applications for this screen.

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