New project for intel

The relaxation zone at Intel company provide moments of peace and positive energy to its employees

A unique project of its kind in Israel ,a rectangular space divided into four round rooms by projection screens (not by walls)

Use of sixteen projectors in the Seamless configuration (several projectors that create one seamless image) Complex integration systems, matrices, computers, software, variable content, and control systems by Extron, create an amazing flow of four rooms, each providing a different kind of relaxation

Architectural design by architect Doron Yehuda in collaboration with Protouch Ltd. which was responsible for the Installation the content displayed and the audio systems of Tannoy.

One of the most interesting projects we had.

The project utilizes sixteen projectors to create seamless multi-projector scenery alongside our TANNOY audio system using fine tailored technology and custom content .

With creative architectural design by Doron Yehuda, and content, products, and project construction and implementation by PROTOUCH, the project has been a successful and enjoyable collaboration.