Elevator Patent

Elevator showcase

One of the most wasted time periods in a person's life is elevator waiting phase: Press the button and wait…

In recent years, the multimedia developments related to elevators have been enhanced.

One of the technological achievements in the field was developed by Protouch, a registered patent in collaboration with Electra, a very thin LED screen that can be inserted into the elevator doors – as well as transmit content to passersby in the commercial area and outside the elevator, and to those who stand and wait for the elevator.

The emphasis is that instead of elevator doors, there are now screens that broadcast advertising and information. They are connected to the building control center and can update anything, including information on what is on each floor.

This year's ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) multimedia innovation competition in Amsterdam, Protouch was announced as one of the top ten companies in its field – thanks to the development of its multimedia screens.

In the future, these screens will also be interactive and will allow the waiters for the elevator to take actions, such as requesting information of certain types.