Crowd management - Bloomfield Stadium

נגן וידאו

Cultural and sports events in Israel have opened!

The Tel Aviv Municipality has organized three days of performances at Bloomfield Stadium.

I visited one of the shows, in the open air with real people!

The happy and festive atmosphere began from the very first meeting in the lobby, then while sitting at the cafe. When the show began, the excitement was at its peak.

The audience danced and sang with pink or white blankets on their shoulders distributed by the organizers of the show, masks for the faces, a strange and amusing look

At the lobby of Bloomfield Stadium, it stood proudly and did its job

An autonomous crowd monitoring system with no need for prior infrastructure

A screen that transmits real-time data was placed at the entrance

When there were less than 25 people in the lobby the color of the pillar was green, when it detected 25 people it turned yellow and when there were over 30  people- it changed to red.

This made guests avoid entering the lobby space until the indicator page turned green again"