LED screens – Hanging

LED screens – hanging https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZ81wS53SMY LED screens hanging around Dizingoff Center in Tel Aviv

Smart Digital Shelves – SEVEN ELEVEN

Smart digital Shelves https://youtu.be/KSuXwfa304QWe designed, developed and set up smart digital shelves system.The customers of SEVEN ELEVEN get an interactive, dynamic and colorful shopping experience and much more.The management of SEVEN ELEVEN receives: remote management/operation software, price update, out-of-stock alert, integration of content and advertising messages, update of products locations according to planogram, collection of […]

Interactive Virtual Tour – Jerusalem

Interactive Virtual Tour – Jerusalem https://youtu.be/bIVBf26HANM An exciting Protouch project in the City of David tunnels. Hidden beneath the streets of Old Jerusalem is an ancient underground canal that allows visitors a rare glimpse into history from 701 BC! With the help of multimedia means, LED screens and one-way mirrors, which create endless reflections that […]

Crowd management – Bloomfield Stadium

Crowd management – Bloomfield Stadium https://youtu.be/StD5vHGIPow Cultural and sports events in Israel have opened! The Tel Aviv Municipality has organized three days of performances at Bloomfield Stadium. " I visited one of the shows, in the open air with real people! The happy and festive atmosphere began from the very first meeting in the lobby, then […]

The Meorot Visitors’ Center – Virtual Tour

The Meorot Visitors’ Center – Virtual Tour https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68Znk-PvZ2c The Meorot Visitors’ Center is a facility that was established for families and children to become familiar with the biblical stories in a universal way. The project, which is located in Ashdod has historical Hebrew symbolism throughout several activity stations that contain permanent projection installations and video mapping. […]

Interactive Virtual Tour

Interactive Virtual Tour https://youtu.be/XyuBT_umm90 An interactive virtual tour that presents an innovative urban vision in the visitor center in the 1000 complex in Rishon LeZion. Protouch has developed an interactive application that activates all systems according to the guest's interaction with the touch screen that includes: lighting and dimmer control over the entire building, Wachout […]

Crowd management

Crowd management Wireless crowd monitoring system for density alert https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XERGPqw1XhM&feature=youtu.behttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ro9FNe5plnM crowd safety by crowd management As a partner in the fight against the Corona Virus. Protouch has developed a crowd management system for the preservation of private space, in collaboration with The company American Synect. The crowd management system was acquired by Orlando International Airport […]