Led Screens Urbanica – Kinetic Waves

Led screens – kinetic waves urbanica https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=u9JZ-AnW5hE Led Screens KINETIC WAVES -URBANICA. In this branch Protouch added four strips of kinetic wave screens were installed in the ceiling above the escalator.

Golbary Fashion Chain Stores

Golbary fashion network Golbari fashion network Allenby – screen on display window + two T-shaped screens refreshes the complex and gives a sense of freshness.

Tamnoon Fashion Chain Stores

Tamnoon Fashion Network Tamnoon fashion network – a LED screen system at the giant branch of the network at the Hutzot Hamifratz mall

Carolina Lemke Eilat, the Hilton promenade branch

CAROLINA LEMKE EILAT, THE HILTON PROMENADE BRANCH Protouch has designed and installed a 5-meter built-in curved LED screen on the inside of the space for a sense of depth and a video wall system – four 46-inch LED screens that create an impressive 184-inch surface. A content management system developed by Protouch for the control of external […]