Congress and Event Complex – Cala

Congress and Event Complex – Cala For private and business events, screens integrated into architectural lighting – breathtaking design! An interplay of height and depth in linear lines that affect the displayed content

Jonah – at the Lagoon Hotel

Jonah – at the Lagoon Hotel Two boutique complexes at the Lagoon hotel, Netanya JONAH CLUB.  In the prestigious design on the 15th floor you can find unique sound accessories from The Italian K-ARRAY. The exposed concrete pillars were equipped with K-802 speakers, Selected as part of the design concept of the place and conveniently […]

Congress and event center, the sienda

Congress and event center, the sienda Architecture and sculpture involving interplay of light, color and sound. The project contains 9 rectangular LED displays that rise from the floor to the ceiling while entering into each other. Video content is projected onto them, combined with hypnotizing lighting and professional and meticulous sound effects. Together they create […]

Haahuzah Modi'in

Haahuzah Modi'in The concept of the hall design emphasizes a minimalist atmosphere. The dance floor has a motorized treasured system – rising and falling. Sound systems EW in four areas – outdoor, lobby, patio and event hall, all the sound is synchronized from the central control system. A LED screen on the back wall of […]

Kedem event hall

Kedem event hall Protouch is responsible for designing TW’s powerful sound systems, professional lighting, effects for dance floor, and creating a dramatic look for the guests’ tables – the architectural lighting, classic and warm, that manages to connect to the sweeping atmosphere of the hall. The most advanced projection systems – which project over 10 […]

Lord Garden

Lord Garden Outdoor lighting at Lord Garden was designed by Shlomi Ben-Abet. Lampshades, custom-made to the seating corners, so that the ratio of the height and diameter of the lampshade to the proper distribution of light rays creates a warm and intimate atmosphere. 22 lampposts scattered throughout the garden illuminating the reflector plate, so that […]