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Protouch - Advanced Multimedia Systems Ltd

Our services and products

Protouch designs, imports and install Led screens for a variety of fields, including Stadiums, Sports halls, Banquet halls,  Shopping Malls and more.

  • Implementation of digital display systems, Creating unique digital platforms.
  • Development of multimedia products.
  • Design of the systems of integration.
  • Create innovative, Customized display solutions while implementing and implementing digital content.


Protouch is responsible for designing and developing multimedia products and designing customized integration systems.

  • Registered patents
  • Custom designs
  • Production of simulations and original graphic material
  • Submission of plans in 3D
  • Creative Team
  • A team of engineers and architects
נגן וידאו
נגן וידאו

The Protez Lighting Department specializes in the design, design and installation of theatrical stage lighting and architectural lighting for event complexes, hotels, shopping malls and more.

  • Lighting consulting and planning
  • Stage lighting
  • Architectural lighting
  • Smart lighting

TW AUDIO amplifiers are powerful, highly structured, an authentic translation of the natural sound and their light weight enables a special composition in space and height to maximize the thrill of the vocal experience.

  • Amplification systems Import and exclusive representation of TW AUDIO, K-ARRAY, LAB GROUPPEN
  • Sound Consultants
  • Sound and acoustics engineers
  • Planning and installations
נגן וידאו

Sample projects

Planning and development

The Protouch Design Department is responsible for developing multimedia products and designing custom integration systems


Protouch helps planners and architects to demonstrate the design of the project's by simulations, with emphasis on the areas of professional lighting, architectural lighting, LED and sound screens.


Anat: 972-54.8351566
Office: 972-3-9230085
1-800-429-1579 US Canada




פרוטאץ' מערכות מולטימדיה מתקדמות.


פרוטאץ' מערכות מולטימדיה מתקדמות.


פרוטאץ' מערכות מולטימדיה מתקדמות.